Please Donate!

One of the projects that we’re working towards at present is that of a sign for Moonshot Centre. As you can see from the picture below, Moonshot Centre has no signage to identify the building. This makes it more difficult to find and it also makes it less inviting as people often don’t know what the building is and so pass it by instead of visiting to discover what’s on offer at the community centre.

Moonshot Centre

So one of the first projects we’re raising funds for is a sign for the building – something that was considered when the building was renovated and refurbished but never carried out.

You can make a donation to Moonshot Centre by clicking the PayPal link below to make a secure online donation.

Please Donate!

Donations of any amount are welcome for, as they say, every penny counts.

Please note that donations will be managed by Registered Charity IRIE! dance theatre which is resident at Moonshot Centre and one of the organisations responsible  for getting the community centre renovated and reopened.