Playhouse Nursery Parents’ Forum and Information Event

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Smiling Girl with Hands Covered in Paint

The Playhouse Community Nursery will be hosting an Information Event for its Parents’ Forum on Wednesday 25 January from 5:15-6:00pm at Moonshot Centre.

This event was organized to help answer questions that parents have concerning the behavior of their children such as:

  • Why your child likes to sit in boxes or baskets?
  • Why she loves lining up toys and other objects?
  • Why he keeps covering himself and toys with mess?
  • Why she keeps moving her toys from place to place?

Parents attend will receive activity ideas and an information leaflet to take home – making it easier to remember any recommendations that are made so that parents can more readily put them into practice.

This event is fully booked but if you’d like to attend a similar event in the future or have any suggestions for any other event that you’d like the Playhouse Community Nursery to host that would support you as a parent please complete the form below.



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